Life ain’t a Maths puzzle or is it??

It’s a usual day at office..I’m absorbed in determining the source of error rate on a data communication link. Every time I repeat the same sequence of bits, error count reflected in the results varies so I’m not able to get to the root cause of the bug. I’m already puzzled with this issue and my friend enters the lab with another problem. The latter one is based on Probability.
As I’m an engineer by profession so there was always an inclination towards Mathematics. It may be owing to the fact that arriving to the solution for Maths problem is done systematically, through incremental steps. On the other hand, History or Biology questions demand long theoretical answers from us and more pathetic is that Life expects way beyond that. I thought solving the puzzle will refresh my mind as it was now getting tired of tracking uncorrelated patterns of bits on-screen.
The problem in hand is to calculate probability of meeting of two friends in a café between 1 to 2 p.m. and the condition being that one friend won’t wait for the other for more than fifteen minutes. Since there’re 4 slots of 15 minutes in an hour, so I knew that the key probability factor is ¼ and this factor is to be played upon to get to the final solution. I was right up to that point (mathematically) but then came the moment where I faltered. I got confused between the laws of Life and Maths. I went optimistic and took the wrong approach, trying to figure out what is the probability of two friends, eventually meeting each other, applying conditional probability rules and stuff. Whereas in life, for all inevitable outcomes, we all have that innate pessimistic view.
Throughout our lives, we’re engaged in continual process of learning, be it active or passive. We learn about so many laws, axioms, theorems pertaining to different subjects. The criteria to evaluate our success is based on how aptly we apply these rules to the questions posed in the exam. The same concept of evaluation is applicable to life and it’s in the state of Death where we finally cease to learn.

How I wish Life could have been as simple as a Maths puzzle! First you need to know different types of equations, then you have standard methods to solve them and voila, problem is solved! But here in case of this puzzle, what I did wrong was to pursue optimistic outlook which we should have for Life instead. The solution was in all based on the law of complementary events. Look it’s quite simple, either an event will happen or it won’t occur at all. For example, in a toss of coin, there’re 50-50 chances of getting either Head or Tail. It’s so unlike life, when an expected event doesn’t occur, it’s all writhed with intricacies of why, how, if and but. Not to mention, the anxiety, despair and emptiness that follows it, crippling the Peace of our mind for eons.  

Coming back to the problem, let’s be pragmatic and consider the event wherein both friends fail to come within prescribed time limits, may be due to incessant traffic jam or non-seasonal rainfall and assume they don’t meet at all. If that Probability comes out, say P. Then, using the law of complementary events, the Probability of their meeting is 1-P definitely.

To sum up, I believe, down the line, somewhere facing complexities of Life, we tend to jumble the rules of Life and Maths. Life is beautiful when there’re emotions, expectations, optimism and Maths is beautiful as it works through numbers, absolute or expected values and logic! Next time, may be, I’ll remember to have a more positive attitude towards Life and simultaneously, be practical in Maths and beware of mingling the two. So folks, what about you?

P.S: If any Math wizard is interested to confirm the solution of the problem, is it 7/16 or 9/16🙃?

M🌘🌒n Z🌓🌕n

Happy 50th anniversary of lunar landing!!

Goals define us and journeys refine us

I’m stuck in a terrible traffic jam near Hebbal, nothing is moving and app of Google Maps is indicating a dreaded red  route to my destination. I’ve to meet my friends in an hour but only time is ticking away, rest is all transfixed. I’m feeling so restless, I look around, the sky is growing darker. Only one thing before my eyes is inducing a serene effect on my mind and it is a sight of full Moon!

Splendour and shine may go away

Moon-the only natural satellite of earth and perhaps as old as earth; it has been fascinating us for millions of years. It engrosses the imagination of every person and each of us responds to its calling in different ways. Some people are interested in the Science behind it, some make it the theme of their artistic expressions, for some it’s the only hope to make a gloomy night less darker. Each phase of the moon is so charming to me especially the crescent one which brings the joy of Ramadan and Eid*. Whenever I look at the moon, usually I feel close to Home where I used to stargaze far off into the glittering sky. Nowadays, its glimpse makes me sing ‘Qamarun Qamarun’ Nasheed** non-stop. In the coming days, it’s going to remind me to start reading First Man which I’ll do someday soon.

Humility and compassion must stay

I wonder what Neil Armstrong would have felt after seeing the moon again from the earth🙄. His first words on landing: “That’s one small step for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind” celebrates the extent of technological advancement of Man in one line. After his demise, his family said: “For those who may ask what they can do to honor Neil, we have a simple request. Honor his example of service, accomplishment and modesty.
And the next time you walk outside on a clear night and see the moon smiling down at you, think of Neil Armstrong. And give him a wink.” Source
We often remember only a few names related to this astounding feat but let’s not forget the people who were associated with this mission and couldn’t make it to the end. Their contributions mattered the most as they lost lives to achieve this goal!

Be the Moon that makes even ‘Super’ feel envious

The other day, I was thinking what if one day we wake up or let me re-phrase go to sleep and find that there’s no moon. How will its absence affect the Nature? I had put forth this query to my learned friend but the answer is still awaited and I’m pretty sure she will eventually tell me to Google it😅Personally I like the moon more than the sun, just observe the gleam of moon, it kind of soothes your eyes, and look at the sun directly, it’s gonna bring tears, pain & probably some damage as well, if gaze is prolonged. But I can’t turn blind eye to the fact that the latter is so much vital for life and this is the source of illumination from which the moon derives its all praiseworthy features, ironically!
Anyway, I’m going outside, may be I’ll have another tryst with the moon. If you are lucky to spare two minutes, just put away your phone or laptop, get up and ‘Buzz’ off to find your Moon!

PS: We fondly call Moon ‘Zoon’ in Kashmiri and even use it as an attribute to describe someone beautiful. One more thing, observe the sun during Sunset or Sunrise, it won’t hurt then unlike when it’s at the pinnacle; so much similar to the Nature of Man!

* Ramadan is Fasting month followed by festival of Eid for Muslims

** Nasheed is a sort of Islamic poem or song and Qamar means Moon in Arabic

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Mysterious Moon

There is no Mystery so great as Misery.*

Moon…in quest of areté**? Image src

In the wretched darkest nights, how do you constantly shine so bright?
Are you actually burning with rage; and enchanting me with a deceitful sight?

Have you been craving for ages, in a cold war, to claim glorified might?
May be you’re seeking someone else, battling in an already lost fight…

Stuck in an endless journey, what makes you believe, your orbit is right…
Aren’t you tired of all bonds, ever thought of breaking into a far-off flight?

Scarred with deep crators, impact basins, yours is such a miserable plight..
Yet so calm and composed, to millions you offer nothing but pure delight!

Some day, dear Friend, I’ll learn from you how to live like a valiant Knight…
Right now for God’s sake, rip off barriers and tell me, is everything alright?

©Minza Gayas 2019

Picture courtesy: Dr. Shah S A

*The Happy Prince, Oscar Wilde
**Areté is a Greek word for the concept of ‘personal excellence’


Kreative Kue 224

Folks, check out my poem in response to Kreative Kue challenge!!

Peer Minza, who blogs at, said “I am sending a little poem inspired by the photo”. Here it is:

In a crowd, I wait alone without a clue
Life tinged with sadness, no hope, no hue
Dreaming in the shades of mystique blue
Eyes can’t believe but heart says it’s true
It’s destined our special moment is due
In that moment, even time stops with you
I’m counting on that rendezvous; are you too??

©Minza Gayas 2019

Cinderella decoded💁

But the heart wants what it wants*….

A few days ago, Dad shared a video of my niece on WhatsApp. Usually, we expect some adorable reaction from a toddler in such videos but it turned out something special. I was so much moved by the video; every single frame of it ushered a new emotion. So let’s quickly raise the curtain for the opening scene.

—————– Scene I ———————-

Cinderella is sitting on a sofa in the verandah, with a pair of oversized flip-flops in her hand. She is meticulously trying to put them on. An amazing thing about her is that she’s never confused between the right and left of the pair. She always gets the right one on her right foot! One of the straps of the flip-flops is not aligned properly so she climbs down the sofa, gives it another try and walks to check if it’s working. It’s difficult to carry on, and the right one is not fitting at all. Even then, she manages to carry on. She is strong and good at hiding her disappointment. But flip-flops are evidently causing her discomfort.

—————– Scene II ———————

Cinderella catches the glimpse of a shoe-rack in the corner of the verandah and begins to approach it calmly. It’s not clear if she already knows what lies ahead but she moves on with undaunted Faith. Her dainty hands unveil one of the shelves to find another oversized pair of moccasins. At the very first glance, she knows that this is the right pair! She steps back, takes off the flip-flop at once and discards it instantly.

—————- Scene III ———————

She gently wears the choosen pair, walks to and fro and a subtle delight dawns on her face. She’s reserved but she wants to celebrate the joy of moment. She’s just to step outside when a voice calls out to her, advising her to put on the shoes matching her foot size. She realizes the fact that proper sized shoes are going to make her stroll easy, so she willingly removes them and steers her course towards inside. But then in a flash of second, she hesitates. She halts anxiously, rolls her sparkling eyes, probably to take a last look at the shoes, now as dear to her as signature glass slippers! She’s in a pickle, she again takes a step towards inside but stops, her far-off gaze indicates there’s turmoil in her head. She’s upto something; something inexplicable that persuades her heart and mind to reach a consensus;
She decides to go back to what she longs for…

—————– Video ends—————-

1. Every Cinderella story inspires us to seek our own self and DISCOVER who we are rather than getting distracted by the much hyped theme of seeking out a Princess or a Prince.
2. ‎Embracing PATIENCE and GRATITUDE is being virtuous but COMPROMISE is not always the solution.
3. ‎People are ever ready to judge you, throw opinions but only GENUINE ones care about you. They give you real piece of advice and at times they may turn out right also.
4. Fairy godmother is often busy with reel people, real ones know their WORTH, what they want and how to earn it.
5. ‎Listen to your heart, the inner calling from your Soul. Sometimes it’s fine to take unexpected, not so obvious decisions. Trust your gut INSTINCTS once in a while.

Post-credits scene:-
Cinderella is happily roaming around the garden. Of course, she’s taking steps cautiously and even after being that much focused, she trips over here and there. But she manages to get up gracefully, brushes off the dust confidently and OWNS what she stands for!

P.S: I could have published the blog last week but I was confused whether that footwear is called moccasins or ballet flats🤦

*The heart wants what it wants; Song by Selena Gomez

Words matter…


Words can make you, words can mar
A few words may heal, many words can scar
Some are mesmerizing, some are just utterly bizarre,
Harmony of words joins us together in Peace,
Might of words shatters even world into a war

Guard the integrity of Soul….
Words can swish through it,
either a black hole or a shining star
Some words make you stoop so low
Some can genuinely raise the bar
Mere words shrivel up as time goes on
Actions impart life; take the words too far

So, “Think before you speak”
and ” Think twice before you write”
Because words can break you, words can mar
Only a few words heal, but many words definitely scar!